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V8 External Transmission Cooler Kit TJ/LJ

Manufacturer: Red Rock Offroad
Keeping your Automatic Transmission Fluid cool in your TJ/LJ V8 swap is integral in keeping your transmission alive. For every one degree cooler you can keep the fluid, you extend the lift of your transmission by thousands of miles.
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Keeping your transmission fluid cool on the trail is vital as well. Our simple external transmission cooler is designed to work with the internal trans-cooler that is built into our Red Rock Offroad Conversion Radiator.

The internal cooler in the Radiator acts as a 'pre cooler.' The hot fluid flows through the radiator where it gets cooled to the temp of the 'engine coolant' and then flows into our external cooler, which is mounted in front of the radiator, and gets cooled even more before returning to the transmission. Adding our external cooler also adds fluid, the more fluid, the cooler the temperatures.

The kit comes with all the necessary fittings, hoses, brackets needed to complete the install. The kit utilizes the same 3/8 Rock-Lock hoses and fittings that our fuel kits use. We do this so that your Jeep is uniform when it comes to plumbing and simplifies the repair if something should happen on the trail.

You can also add a remote Transmission Fluid Filter to the kit if you want to help keep the load off the internal filters in the transmission pan.

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