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Red Rock Adventure Rentals is not your standard rental car company or ‘Jeep rental company.’ With Red Rock Adventure Rentals, your Adventure starts as soon as you get the keys and goes where you want it too.

Whether you want to cruise up to Sedona or the Grand Canyon with the top back and the radio cranked or turn onto one of the hundreds of State roads- both paved or un-paved and just go with it…. Our Adventure Rental vehicles, like our fleet of totally capable Jeep Wranglers, are built to explore and equipped with the technology to guide you there and back!

We give you the keys to unlock your own adventure! You get to start your adventure in the center of Arizona and can go any way you want- north, south, east or west! From traversing the Broken Arrow Trail to gazing in awe at the Grand Canyon, With Red Rock Adventure Rentals, you are free to create your own Adventure!


Red Rock Adventure Rentals is a family based business, located in the center of Arizona, just a few minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Red Rock Adventure Rentals was created from a desire to provide adventurers, visitors, tourists and locals alike, the ability to grab a Jeep Wrangler and create their own personal Adventure right from GO!



Our Red Rock Adventure Rental Jeeps are just that, Rental Jeeps. These aren’t some rando Jane or John Doe’s personal Jeeps, trying to make a few bucks offering it for rent on the weekend! Our Fleet of Rental Jeeps are built, tested, maintained and insured for the purpose and peace of mind of our customers wanting to get lost in the Jeep experience with the top down exploring all that Arizona has to offer.